AN URGENT MESSAGE: To any woman who has tried EVERYTHING to get rid of that stubborn, unwanted fat. Presenting…

“The Complete Solution To ALL Your Weight Loss Challenges”

Finally… Melt Frustrating, Unwanted Fat... LOVE What You Eat... Skyrocket Your Energy... And Look 5, 10 even 20 Years Younger…

Dear Friend,

My name is Neely Quinn. And if you’re struggling to lose weight, I personally know the frustration… the emotional pain… and the embarrassment you’re going through.

Not to mention the health risks and concerns you may also be worried about.

Today I’m a certified integrative clinical nutrition therapist, yet my weight loss journey began years ago after piling on over 30 extra pounds.

I watched helplessly in the mirror as my clothes got tighter and tighter. (At the time, I was in total denial. I actually believed my washing machine was shrinking them!!)

At just 20 years old I was lugging around an extra 30 pounds, feeling depressed about myself, and I finally hit the wall.

I began what soon became my life’s quest—investigating the best, healthiest, and safest ways to lose weight.

Since becoming a certified nutrition therapist in 2005, I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you, achieve their health and fitness goals as well as overcome significant weight loss & health challenges.

Helped me find health and balanced I never knew existed...

“Neely has helped bring me back from my debilitating illness. My food allergies and intolerances were so severe that my whole body shut down and I had to resign from my job and have my parents cook and drive for me. She was caring and attentive, always getting back to me quickly with thoughtful answers, ideas and encouragement through my journey. I am eternally grateful that she used her knowledge and intuition to help me find health and balance I never knew existed.”

- KiraZoe Deupree

Its pretty amazing knowing with my help and direction, they’ve finally been able to...

  • Shed extra flab fast, while being totally healthy... looking and feeling amazing in no time!
  • Take the weight off—and keep it off long term
  • Stop premature aging in its tracks
  • Stop pesky hunger pangs, cravings and binge eating
  • Dramatically decrease risk of the top four killers: obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease
  • Increase energy throughout the day
  • Improve relationships, romance and sex life
  • Sleep better, breathing easier throughout the night
  • And much, much more...

Unfortunately, over the years, although I have so much enthusiasm and information to share, I’ve been able to work with only so many women one-on-one.

So with the help of my incredible friends and extended family in the weight loss community, I wanted to create an online forum to help as many women as possible, in as many ways as possible.

That’s why with their help, we’re inviting you to the first ever...

I took not only my own experience and expertise, but the expertise of over 35 weight loss experts online to show you EXACTLY how to finally lose weight, and keep it off – FOREVER.

In these in-depth sessions, as your weight loss advocate, I brought in these famous weight loss experts to show you:

  • Why your thyroid may be to blame for your weight gain (and how to fix it)
  • How your female hormones might be sabotaging your weight goals
  • The truth about digestion and fat loss…
  • How to get your kids making the right food choices on their own…
  • How to lose 20 pounds effortlessly in a month…
  • The remarkably satiating food that stops bingeing and overeating…
  • How to ‘cheat’ with desserts and still lose weight…
  • How to conquer emotional eating and eating disorders…
  • Simple body “hacks” to balance your hormones…
  • How gluten really affects weight loss…
  • The surprising link between eating fat and fat-burning (its not what you think)…
  • How to finally and forever beat your sugar addiction...
  • How to heal autoimmune diseases that are stopping your weight loss in its tracks...
  • The #1 dangerous exercise to avoid...
  • The amazing truth about how bacon and chocolate can keep you happy AND healthy...
  • How many carbs to eat – and if ketosis is right for you...
  • How to create delicious healthy meals and snacks in just minutes (sometimes just seconds!)
  • And much, much more!

What Makes

Different From Other Weight Loss Books, Articles and Programs?

Our Focus is on WOMEN’S Weight Loss Issues

Other weight loss programs, which are gender neutral, can frequently leave women feeling left out when it comes to specific problems and challenges that they face. Like how to deal with menopause and female hormones, and how women should really be working out to have the bodies they want.

With this event, you no longer have to face those challenges alone. We’ll cover all the weight loss challenges that women – and ONLY women – face, and how to resolve them.

The Vast Majority of Presenters Are Women, Not Men

We were tired of events advertised to be for women, but had very few female speakers. With rare exceptions, you’ll find the majority of our sessions are given by empathetic women who’ve gone through what you’re going through.

Each Presentation Offers Specific, Easy and Actionable Information with Women in Mind

We made sure each session was ACTIONABLE – with no fluff. Each session should leave you feeling like you know exactly what steps to take – not leaving you overwhelmed and bewildered.

Our goal was to make this the easiest, most actionable event possible.


All Access Package

Access To All 40+ Video
Presentations With Our Experts
($297 Value)

Each session was recorded in Skype, Google Hangouts, or in person so you can actually watch and see who is presenting – so you can learn from them directly, like they were in your living room presenting just to you.

Access To All 40+ iPod-Ready
Recorded Audio Sessions
With The Experts
($197 Value)

Each of the audios comes in MP3 format, so you can download them to your phone, ipod, ipad, or computer and listen to them whenever you want – in the car, at the gym, on the go – anytime, anywhere!

All 40+ Written Transcripts of
The Presentations
($197 Value)

Each audio was transcribed and formatted into PDF files, just in case you’d rather read and take notes on the information than listen to it!

Your Package Also Includes These
Time-Sensitive Exclusive Bonuses…

Bonus Gift #1:

The Paleo Lifestyle Explained
Video Training Series
($197 Value)

With this summit we wanted to go above and beyond, so we included a complete training series on what I believe to be the best “diet template” there is... the Paleo diet.

Based on what our ancestors ate when they were alive, the Paleo diet is one of the most popular (and fastest growing) diets in the world right now, based upon real, unprocessed food.

We laid out the entire diet for you – all the facts, misconceptions, and an action plan for you to get started:

In this video training series, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what the Paleo diet is, and how to implement it into your life...
  • Which supplements to take on Paleo and which to avoid...
  • How to transition to the Paleo diet easily...
  • Delicious, Paleo-friendly meal recipes and much more...

Bonus Gift #2:

The 30 Day Fat Loss
‘Jump Start’ Program
($197 Value)

To take things even further, we’ve also included a COMPLETE bonus program that will help you get started in your fat loss journey.

This program will:

  • Show you what to eat/what not to eat/what to drink…
  • “Health” foods that aren’t healthy…
  • How many grams of carbs/fat/protein to eat for your goals…
  • The importance of cheat meals/how to do it properly…
  • Guided support as you go through your journey…
  • How to banish cravings for good…
  • Sample meal plans and shopping lists…
  • How to exercise properly (and what not to do!)
  • What to do if you haven’t lost weight…

Bonus Gift #3:

Well Fed 2
($20 Value)

We've also included one of the BEST cookbooks there is - Well Fed 2, by Melissa Joulwan. This recipe book includes over 200 full color recipes, variations, and quick meals. It sells normally for $20 -- but is yours FREE when you invest in the All Access Package.

Bonus Gift #4:

Real Food Nutrition - For Kids! ($19.95 Value)

Getting healthy on your own is a challenge in itself - but getting your kids on board for healthy eating and living? That can be the biggest challenge of them all!

Fortunately, we've got you covered with this FREE bonus - Real Food Nutrition For Kids. This guide, contributed by Kristen Michaelis of, provides your kids with 15 simple lessons to help your kids learn the basic concepts of digestion, nutrients, healthy food, and where their food comes from.

It includes coloring pages, activities, and even some copy work that your kids can do to fully drive the healthy lessons inside home. If you have young children and have been struggling to get them to make healthier choices, then this guide is for you!

And its yours FREE when you invest in the All Access Package.

Bonus Gift #5:

The 7 Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse
($47 Value)

Curious about raw food and juice cleanses for weight loss? Then this bonus, contributed by Christa Orecchio, is for you.

In this guide, you'll get a complete 7 day raw food/juicing protocol, that you can customize for your unique needs so that you can take care of your liver, kidneys, lymphatic and digestive systems while making sure to keep your metabolism revved up and your adrenals strong.

Bonus Gift #6:

The Healthy Product Swaps Guide
($27 Value)

In this second bonus by Christa Orecchio, you'll discover some amazingly delicious -- and healthy -- alternatives for common foods. If you've had trouble trying to find healthy substitutes (that taste good!) for some of your favorite foods, then this bonus is absolutely for you.

Bonus Gift #7:

Wellness Mama's Guide To Balancing Hormones Naturally
($27 Value)

In this guide, contributed by Katie The Wellness Mama, you'll learn her top tips for balancing your hormones naturally - without harmful medication.

If you have symptoms like fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, weight around the middle, trouble sleeping, always sleeping, PMS, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS or other issues, you could have a hormone imbalance -- and this guide is here for you to fix those issues, naturally.

Bonus Gift #8:

The PCOS Quick Guide
($27 Value)

This bonus is your quick guide to everything PCOS. No need to spend days or weeks online searching for your solution - it’s right here! This quick guide has:

  • The breakdown of different types of PCOS and what to do about them
  • How different hormones affect your acne and weight loss
  • A summary of the full PCOS Unlocked: The Manual
  • How to become fertile again no matter your age, size, shape, or health status

Bonus Gift #9:

3 Gluten Summit Sessions
($47 Value)

Yes, you read that right. When you order For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution All Access Package, you'll also get access to 3 of the now-infamous Gluten Summit presentations. You'll learn from some of the top experts on the topic of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

You'll learn from:

  • David Perlmutter, MD: Eliminating Gluten As The 1st Step In Preventing Brain Conditions
  • William Davis, MD: Modern Wheat: It's MORE Than Wheat
  • Rodney Ford, MD: The Surprising Ways Gluten Sensitivity Can Affect A Child's Health

You can't find this information anywhere unless you invest in the Gluten Summit for $97 -- this is yours free when you invest in the Weight Loss Solution.

Bonus Gift #10:

5 Wellness Family Summit Sessions
($47 Value)

As another added bonus, we will be giving you FIVE of the sessions from the recent Wellness Family Summit - a fantastic event all about the best ways to keep your family healthy and happy.

You'll learn from:

  • Jim Kwik: Fostering Memory Skills
  • Danielle Walker: Recovering From Autoimmune Disease & Changing Health With Real Food
  • Jenny McGruther: Fermentation & Traditional Food
  • Abel James: Losing Fat, Gaining Muscle, And Finding What Works For You
  • Reed Davis: Liver & Gut Health

You can't find this information anywhere unless you invest in the Wellness Family Summit -- this is yours free when you invest in the Weight Loss Solution.

Bonus Gift #11:

FREE 30-Day PaleoPlan Membership
($89 Value)

PaleoPlan, one of the largest Paleo sites on the internet, was generous enough to contribute a FREE 30-Day trial to their monthly Paleo meal planning service. With our special coupon, you can try out their meal service free of charge for 30 days -- just because you invested in The Weight Loss Solution. To be clear, there is NO automatic enrollment when you buy The Weight Loss Solution, this is a coupon.

Reserve Your Copy Of For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution At Its Special Event-Only Price

WAIT!! Qualifying you for the event only discount...


Your Investment In Your Health Is Protected By Our 100% No-Questions-Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We insist you are THRILLED by your Weight Loss Solution All Access Package.

However, in the highly unlikely event that you’re dissatisfied for ANY REASON we will give you a refund IN FULL--no questions asked.

We’ve invested time, money and energy into making sure that it is worth at least 10x your investment – but if you do not think so (for ANY reason!) we will happily refund you -- no hoops or hassles to jump through.

All we ask is you give it a try – no risk – and find out yourself!

Meet Your Weight Loss Solution Experts

How To Save Money & Eat Healthy As A Family

Katie The Wellness Mama -
  • How she keeps her kids eating 5 different fruits and vegetables every day...
  • What it takes to get your kids making the right food choices all on their own…
  • How to transition your kids to a healthier diet…
  • Tons of tips to save money on food for any healthy diet…
  • How to create a sustainable meal plan every month that will save you time, stress, and money…
  • The most important foods to buy organic if you can’t afford to go completely organic…

A Mom’s Path To Healing Hashimoto’s
Katie The Wellness Mama
  • How her autoimmune disease (and having 5 kids) affected her weight, and what she’s doing about it now...
  • How other diets–even regular Paleo–weren’t enough...
  • How she effortlessly lost 20 pounds in a month...
  • The unusual approach that motivates her to stick to her diet...

Carbs, Bingeing, And Emotional Eating
Neely Quinn
  • A simple trick to stop binge-eating...
  • The surprising truth about carbohydrates and ketosis...
  • What foods to eat, what foods to avoid...

How To Thrive As An Endurance Athlete
Nell Stephenson

Co–Author of The Paleo Diet Cookbook & Author of Paleoista
  • How to fuel endurance exercise, even on a lower carb diet...
  • How to switch from being a carb-burner to a keto-adapted fat burner the right way…
  • How to fuel endurance exercise and lean out at the same time (no carbo-loading involved)...
  • How to end your reliance on sugary gel packets on long runs and rides...
  • Exactly what to eat while you’re training in order to lose fat, maintain energy levels, and perform at your best...
  • How to know if you’re in the “Chronic Cardio” zone...

How To Lose Weight & Heal Your Thyroid
Melissa Joulwan

Author of Well Fed and Well Fed 2
  • How she went from an obese and unhealthy youngster to a thriving adult...
  • Her best tips and tricks to minimize your time in the kitchen...
  • Her struggles with her thyroid and what she’s done to overcome them and heal herself...

How A High-Stress Working Mom Lost 100 Pounds Stacy Toth

Author of Eat Like A Dinosaur & Beyond Bacon
  • How Stacy changed her diet and lost weight, even in a high stress corporate job (with lots of takeout and sweets around every day)...
  • How Stacy and Matt changed their kids’ diets to Paleo and rapidly improved their behavior and health...
  • Why Stacy’s focus is no longer weight loss, and what her new sport has done for her confidence and self love...

Hormones, Health, And Weight: How PCOS And The Pill REALLY Affect You
Stefani Ruper

Author of Sexy By Nature, PCOS Unlocked, and Birth Control Unlocked
  • What doctors are getting all wrong about treating PCOS, and how you can get it right...
  • How eating more carbs and being at a higher weight fixed Stefani’s PCOS symptoms...
  • How birth control and PCOS affect women’s weight, skin, and health...
  • Why fasting is dangerous for certain women...
  • How women with PCOS need to eat differently than other women to lose weight...
  • How estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone affect weight, sex drive, fertility, and mental health...
  • Why low body fat and lots of stress can make you infertile... and what to do about it.

Overcoming The Mental Battles of Weight Loss
Heather Kelly
  • The number one weight loss block that every single one of her clients has to deal with (and how to break through it)...
  • The most satiating food that helps keep bingeing and overeating to a minimum...
  • Another surprising key to weight loss (lowering stress and figuring out what you’re passionate about in life)...

The Truth About Desserts & Cheat Meals
Kelley Herring

Author of Guilt Free Desserts
  • How Kelley fixed her chronic and debilitating health issues with diet...
  • How to satisfy your cravings with sweet treats without hormonal and weight consequences...
  • Is Paleo a fad? Find out the surprising truth...
  • The shocking ways sugar affects our bodies, and what to eat instead...

How Gluten Affects Weight Loss
Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Host Of The Gluten Summit
The Dr.Com &
  • Think going gluten-free is just a fad? Then you need to hear this...
  • Is non–celiac gluten sensitivity a real problem?
  • A simple home test to measure your gluten sensitivity (and what you must do right now if you are)...

Busting Weight Loss Myths & Boosting Metabolism
Christa Orecchio
  • The truth about fat loss resistance syndrome and how to treat it...
  • Big weight loss myths shattered...
  • Why blood sugar balance is so important, not only for weight loss but for brain and whole body health...
  • A simple fix to boost your metabolism…
  • What role detoxing plays in optimal health and body weight...
  • How a sneaky candida problem can affect weight...

Maintaining A Healthy Weight Before, During, And After Pregnancy
Chris Kresser

Author of Your Personal Paleo Code
  • How being overweight affects your ability to conceive...
  • How to healthily and sustainably lose the baby weight...
  • Simple techniques to maintain a healthy weight while pregnant...

How To Stay On Track When Things Don’t Go According To Plan
Sarah Servold
  • How to stay motivated even when things aren’t going according to plan...
  • Behind the scenes of running a real food company...
  • Pre, Post, and During pregnancy tips...

How To Balance Your Hormones
Sara Gottfried
Author of The Hormone Cure
  • How your hormones affect weight gain and weight loss, and what to do about it.
  • The 3–step protocol for a menopausal woman who’s feeling awful and having trouble losing weight
  • How to figure out exactly what YOU should be eating in order to feel and look your best.

How To Eat For Health & Beauty
Liz Wolfe
Author of Eat The Yolks
  • How eating real food not only makes you drop pounds, but clears your skin and thickens your hair too...
  • How fat and cholesterol got their bad reputations (and which fats you should be eating to help improve your health and melt away fat)
  • Should we eat like our ancestors, even though we’ve been told they didn’t live very long?

How To Break Into Healthy Eating
Diane Sanfilippo

Author of Practical Paleo
  • How nutrition improved her health in drastic and surprising ways
  • What to focus on instead of dropping pounds or getting visible abs.
  • How to properly do a Paleo challenge or sugar detox, and who should be doing them.
  • The most common struggles people have on a “cleanse”, “detox”, or “challenge” and how to overcome them.

Low Carb Diets & Lifting Weights For Women
Sarah Fragoso

Author of Everyday Paleo
  • How to get healthy and toned with mouth–watering, delicious food...
  • The terrible kidney symptoms and other issues she cured with her diet...
  • Her approach with her kids to get them to make good food choices on their own...
  • What to do if you ‘crash and burn’ when dieting (and how Sarah overcame her own challenges on the Paleo diet)...
  • What “mommy guilt” is and how she overcomes it...

How To Heal Autoimmune Diseases With Food
Sarah Ballantyne

Author of The Paleo Approach
  • What the autoimmune protocol is… who should use it... and how to implement it for best results...
  • How she developed 3 autoimmune diseases over many years and STILL got off all 6 of her meds in less than 2 weeks...
  • Why you MUST avoid nightshades, eggs, dairy, nuts, and seeds if you have an autoimmune disease or symptoms...
  • How to implement the Autoimmune Protocol in baby steps...
  • The telltale signs to look for if you suspect you have an autoimmune disease...

Overcoming Eating Disorders With Love, Hugs... and Bacon!
George Bryant

Author of The Paleo Kitchen
  • How to conquer the limiting beliefs holding you back from living a life you love and the body you deserve...
  • How George overcame over a decade of bulimia and weight issues (and how bacon and chocolate keep him happy and healthy...)
  • How to transform negative experiences with food and cooking (that now keep you out of the kitchen) into a love and excitement for food and cooking...

Meal Planning, Family Dinners, And Eating Healthy On A Budget
Leanne Ely

Author of Saving Dinner
  • How she lost weight and healed her thyroid with diet and lifestyle changes...
  • The importance of meal planning in getting to (and maintaining) your best weight...
  • How family dinners affect health and performance in all areas of life...
  • Making healthy eating work for the whole family, even on a budget...
  • How making shopping, cooking, and cleaning a family job (not just for mom) can change everything...

How Your Digestion Affects Weight Loss
Steve Wright
  • The missing link between digestion and weight loss...
  • What IS a leaky gut… and how to get rid of it...
  • Recommended supplements that immediately improve digestion...

How To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally
Dr. Kharrazian

Author of Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?
  • How inflammation and autoimmunity cause weight gain (and what to do about it)...
  • The role everyday chemicals play in autoimmunity, inflammation, and overall health and well-being...
  • How to know if you’re inflamed and specific dietary steps to reverse it...
  • Exactly what to do if you’ve been on Paleo for a while and you’re still not losing weight...
  • How to treat reactive hypoglycemia (feeling like taking a nap after any meal)
  • The astoundingly little amount of exercise you can do to improve your health and weight loss...

For Young Girls: Weight Gain & Acne
Leslie Klenke

Author of Paleo Girl
  • How younger girls can lose weight and eat healthier...even if their parents aren’t fully on board!
  • How to eat clean and avoid gaining the freshman 15 (or more) even in a college cafeteria...
  • What effects food has on uncomfortable puberty, PMS, and acne for young girls...
  • Why “eating fat will make you fat” is a myth, and what kinds of fats you should be eating...
  • How eating clean can help young female athletes get to their optimal body weight and perform at their best...

Overcoming “Chronic Cardio”
Mark Sisson

Author of The Primal Blueprint
  • How to fix ‘chronic cardio’ issues
  • Running for women – how much to do
  • The “primal” lifestyle – how to apply it for women

How To Love The Body You Live In
Danette May
  • How to love the body you live in and live your passion
  • How to exercise properly and efficiently to burn fat and build lovely muscle tone
  • The biggest key to weight loss (and its not what you think)
  • How to find sustainable motivation to stay on track with losing weight and getting healthy

Ketosis: The Misunderstood Key To Weight Loss
Jimmy Moore

Author of Keto Clarity
  • What is ketosis and why should you try it?
  • Jimmy’s 2-year (and running) “experiment” with ketosis and the health benefits he’s had
  • How doctors have this cholesterol thing all wrong, and the potential dangers of their suggestions
  • How to figure out what your carb tolerance is on a ketogenic diet

Stress, Hormones, And The Future of Medicine
Reed Davis
  • Why the current medical system is failing you...
  • How to approach chronic conditions and become your own “health detective”...
  • Hormone mastery and how to trigger your hormones to reduce stress‐on demand...

The Truth About Supplements
Dr. Steven Sisskind
  • The sad reasons Dr. Steve got out of the conventional medical system
  • What kind of diet he now recommends to people to lose weight.
  • The surprising way that weight loss supplements should be considered on a weight loss plan.
  • Which weight loss supplements to absolutely never take.

Intermittent Fasting For Women
Brad Pilon

Author of Eat Stop Eat
  • Intermittent fasting and why its good for weight loss...
  • The different ways you can do intermittent fasting to accommodate your own health needs and schedule...
  • How Neely did intermittent fasting with success...
  • Special considerations for women doing intermittent fasting...
  • Whether the kind of diet you eat matters when you’re doing intermittent fasting...
  • What the “Adult Diet” is...

Women & Ketosis: Eating Fat To Lose Fat
Emily Maguire
  • Emily’s remarkable discovery in a clinical setting using ketogenic and low-carbohydrate diets with obese and diabetic people (all delivered in her amazing Scottish accent!)
  • Exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a ketogenic diet...
  • How implementing a ketogenic diet the RIGHT way can help you burn off fat and boost your health...
  • How to know for sure if you’re in ketosis (without spending a fortune)
  • How to quickly overcome common ketosis challenges...
  • The latest information on saturated fat and how it can be good OR bad depending on what else you’re eating…

Quick & Easy Fat Burning Workouts
Jade Teta

Author of Metabolic Aftershock
  • Learn exactly how to structure your workouts to lose fat
  • Why running does not burn fat, and what you should do instead (or in addition)
  • How to know if you’re burning fat or doing damage to your body during workouts

The Truth About Cleanses & Detoxes
Esther Cohen
  • The secrets of effective cleansing & detoxing
  • Why you should avoid most detox programs
  • How to cleanse properly for lifelong health

The Psychology Of Eating
Marc David & Emily Rosen

Marc David & Emily Rosen
  • How to activate the right part of your nervous system to digest your food properly...
  • Use this trick to reduce stress and watch the weight come off...
  • How to breeze past emotional eating issues, bingeing, and the prison of self hatred...

Should Women Lift Weights?
Brian Pachtman

Founder, Ruya Crossfit
  • Specific training programs that work for women ONLY...
  • The truth about Crossfit and whether its TOO intense for most women...
  • A beginner’s guide to getting the most out of the gym...

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You About Type 2 Diabetes
Isabel Price

  • Exactly where the American Diabetic Association got it all wrong about nutrition for diabetics
  • A meal by meal explanation of what to eat if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic
  • What your blood glucose numbers should look like, and when to take action even if your doctor says you’re fine

You’ll also get FREE access to these bonus video demonstrations!

Demo #1: Chia Seed Pudding Recipe Demo

Demo #1: Chia Seed Pudding Recipe Demo

Demo #2: Gazpacho Recipe Demo

Blooming Beets Restaurant Chef

Demo #3: Scrambled Eggs & Yams Breakfast Recipe

Nelson Schwab - Head Chef, Shine Restaurant

Demo #4: Chocolate Avocado Mousse Demo

Christine Ruch - Fresh Thymes Restaurant

Demo #5: Healthy Kale Salad Demo

Christine Ruch - Fresh Thymes Restaurant

Demo #6: Sample Bodyweight Fat Loss Workout

Brian Pachtman - Ruya Crossfit

Brian Pachtman - Ruya Crossfit

Brian Pachtman - Ruya Crossfit

Demo #8: Chicken Masala & Fruit Salad Recipe Demos

Pete’s Paleo -, Author, of Paleo By Season

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Finally… Quit Struggling With Your Weight And Experience An Amazing Leap Forward Using Everything We Covered In The Weight Loss Solution!

Here’s everything you get when you test-drive the entire event package--risk-free.

1.In depth, practical, USABLE information: the focus of these talks was not to impress you with big words and academia, but to make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight.

2.No fluff, no pitch during the talks: Just our host, Neely Quinn, the expert being interviewed, and you going through the most important information you need to get the results you want.

3.No Risk – This program is FULLY GUARANTEED. We stand by what we’ve created for you, and we want you to be absolutely thrilled with the program. With that in mind, if you are unsatisfied for ANY REASON, you get your money back.

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To your weight loss success,

Neely Quinn, Dave & The Paleohacks Team

P.S. Got a question? Its probably answered below!

Q: What is the Weight Loss Solution All Access Package?

The Weight Loss Solution All Access Package gets you all the components of the weight loss solution event. This includes the video & audio sessions, transcripts of those sessions, all bonus videos, and access to Q&A sessions.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping for the Weight Loss Solution All Access Package?

If you order the digital copy, you do not have to pay for shipping because nothing will be shipped – it is all downloadable to your computer or any other device. For the flash drive, national shipping is FREE, international shipping will have a nominal fee.

Q: What format are the electronic, downloadable files in?

Videos are in Mp4, Audios are in Mp3, and both should be playable on your computer, tablet, and mobile device. The transcriptions and any written bonuses will be in PDF format.

Q: Can I access this material on my ipad, iphone, or mobile device?

Yes! With the all access package, you can take any of the audio sessions or written transcripts and put them on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

Then its ALL FREE. Simply put, if you’re unhappy with your investment in the Weight Loss Solution All Access Package, you can contact our support team at anytime within the first 60 days for a complete, no questions asked refund.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, on the page above, if you click the links for the payment plans, you can use those instead of paying in full.

Q: I’m over 50, will this information apply to me?

Absolutely. The information found in the Weight Loss Solution All Access Package applies to people of ANY AGE. If you are a human (and especially if you are a woman), then this information will be of value to you and your health.

Q: Do these sessions apply to men as well?

Unfortunately, they do not. However, if you have a female spouse or significant other, and can think of a tactful way of bringing this to her attention, then we would highly recommend showing them this event.

P.P.S. Want more proof that Neely & our expert's information works? Don't just take our word for it, check out the testimonials below!

Understands the uniqueness of each persons needs...

“Neely worked with me through struggles with protein deficiency, low energy, fatigue, and gluten sensitivity to improve not only my rock climbing performance but also my daily well being and happiness. Her honest and straight forward approach to nutrition, combined with the extensive research and data she uses to back her philosophies, allowed me to understand what my body needs. I trust her advice because she doesn't just tell me what I need to change, she shows me and uses her past experiences as a basis for this informative nutritional journey. Neely understands the uniqueness of each person's needs and she compassionately works to inform each person of the wide range of nutritional options available.”

- Paige Claassen, Professional Rock Climber

She was there to support me...

“Neely’s level of commitment to my success as her client was immediate. I had turned to her after seeing many different allopathic and homeopathic providers with no results. Without judgment of any of my prior treatments I had pursued, Neely was quick yet thorough in coming up with a nutrition plan aimed to correct my poor health. She was always available to answer my questions or concerns and responded promptly. Her commitment to me was further demonstrated as she stayed with me through the past year and a half as I went in and out of issues pertaining to my diet. Neely always made it known that she was there to support me.”

- Sascha Anastas

A practical and realistic approach...

“Once I started reading Neely's blog, I realized I needed to make her my nutritionist. She is quite brilliant. What I like about Neely is that she takes both a holistic and scientific approach to nutrition--eliminating the guesswork. I threw out the expensive supplements and began following Neely's advice. Already I feel a lot better. With the help of Neely, I completed the LEAP test and am beginning a food sensitivity elimination diet to help pinpoint my food sensitivities and symptoms. Neely's support is really what I needed to feel hopeful that I will get better and also to keep me motivated and on track. She offers a practical and realistic approach that anyone can benefit from. ”

- Stephanie Loveless

I highly recommend her to anyone...

“I have had many issues with my gut over the years–food sensitivities, candida, Celiac–and she has consistently been incredibly helpful. She is highly intelligent, vastly knowledgeable, eager to help, reliable, and compassionate. Ad she comes from a holistic perspective that I deeply appreciate. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

- CC